Falconer of Stonebroke Manor




Falconer & Milligan Family Genealogy


Alan & Norma Falconer  

 Lucknow, Ontario, Canada  


If you are related to us

you just hit pay dirt!  


Craig Enman Falconer Fisher Free Gay Hesselwood Ivey Jackson Ladner Lockhart

We have been digging up clues

to our family names


all around Ontario and beyond...






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MacDonald MacKay Milligan Montgomery Nisbet Purdon Quinn Thom Wood Yeo


Our page background trivia - "Old Tolbooth" - Edinburgh

A heart shaped pattern of cobblestones in the road to the west of St Giles marks the site of the Old Tolbooth Prison. It stood here for over 400 years and was only demolished in 1817.

The Tolbooth served originally as a booth for collecting tolls, a council chamber, a court house, a place of execution and a prison. It was also the principal site for the display of the heads and limbs of those executed. The tolbooth was one of three essential features in a Scottish burgh, along with the mercat cross and the kirk (church).

There are around 90 tolbooths surviving in Scotland.

Many are still used as municipal buildings, while others have been renovated as museums, theatres, or other attractions.


It is an Edinburgh tradition to spit on the Heart as you go by.